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10 Baby Shower Cookies that Are Almost Too Cute to Eat

May 11th, 2015

Baby shower cookies are the perfect edible treat and a best seller at My Baby Shower Favors each year since we opened over 10 years ago.

Our cookies are cute and tasty. With our creative baby shower designs, you’re sure to find something that matches your party theme.

Want to know what cookies have been popular at baby showers?

Whether you are looking for inspiration for something to make or to purchase an item that’s sure to be popular, you’ll definitely want to check out these 10 baby shower cookies that are almost too cute to eat…
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Kids Who Drink and Drive May Blame It on Their Parents

January 17th, 2012

Teenagers do crazy things that may on occasions jeopardize their life. Drinking and driving is probably the most foolish type of behavior that unfortunately both adults and teenagers get involved in.

Is it stupidity or machismo that affects the rational safety decisions of teens? Science may have another type of explanation. A new study ordered by the US government may as well have the answer about drinking and driving in teens.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) found out that the children of parents who have a history of drinking and than getting behind the wheel are very likely to repeat the mistakes of their parents.

Yet again, studies confirm that children mimic their parents and use them as role models. The new study sums up results on the basis of 67,500 people questioned. About 18 percent of the teens whose moms drink or use drugs before driving have done the same.

Only 11 percent of the teens whose parents were uninvolved in risky driving committed the mistake of drinking alcohol and getting in the car. According to the study, the behavior of fathers is even more influential, since 21.4 percent of the teens whose fathers drink and drive have committed the same dangerous mistake.

The fact that parents act as a role model is easy to understand, even in the case of troubled families. Though teenagers tend to be quite rebellious, they look up to mom and dad in unfamiliar situations that they have no experience handling.

Irresponsible parent behavior may cost the life of a child and the sad news is that many adults fail understanding the fact. Some parents probably do not even care, yet the statistics are there to show what their behavior is capable of accomplishing.

Drunk driving is the main reason for so many deaths and accidents on the road. As a parent, you are responsible for your own health and the well-being of family members. This involves both physical actions and acting as a role model for your children.

The sad statistics show that car crashes are the leading cause of teen death in the US. Figures are shocking – eight teenagers died in a vehicle crash on a daily basis in 2009. Do the math and you will get a quite disturbing annual number.

In addition, teenagers lack the experience of older drivers. Their reactions may be illogical and they will have difficulties assessing the situation properly. This fact alone is a sufficient reason for car accidents. Adding drunk driving to the equation makes the situation even more troublesome.

As a mom or a dad you want the best for your child. Teaching the kid right from wrong is one side of the story. Being a role model and teaching be example is a separate story. Be responsible when getting in the car to drive somewhere. Even if your child acts tough and uninterested, you are the person to be looked upon as a model. This role is hugely important, accept it carefully and cautiously.

To Work or to be a Stay at Home Mom – What do the Experts Say?

January 12th, 2012

You have given birth to a wonderful baby and you want to spend a lot of precious moments in the company of your child. Each mom will have to make an important decision about the road she is going to take from that point on.

One of the options you have is to be a stay at home mom. For many ladies, this opportunity holds special appeal. You will get the chance to take care of your family without having to deal with office-related problems, project deadlines and large amounts of pressure.

Many women, however, are either financially obliged to continue working or loving their career. This option allows for professional growth but it minimizes the amount of time spent with family.

Should you be a stay at home mom or should you continue working after your child is born? A new study may offer some useful insight that will help you take the right decision.

According to the study, working moms tend to be healthier than stay at home moms. They also show fewer signs of depression. At the same time, study findings conclude that moms working part-time are the happiest ones.

Moms that have full-time jobs experience significant difficulties connected to balancing their professional and personal lives. The study was presented in December 2011 and it appeared in the Journal of Family Psychology.

The ladies that went back to work after the birth of their child turned out to be much healthier than stay at home moms. In addition, being a part-time worker made those moms more sensitive towards the experiences and needs of their children.

Part-time working moms provided their kids with better learning opportunities. They were more involved in the children’s upbringing than the stay at home moms, as paradoxical as the statement sounds. Moms who worked full-time experienced difficulties connected to spending quality time with their children and being fully involved in the educational processes.

This is just another piece of information that can help you make an exceptionally difficult life decision.

According to statistics from several years ago, the number of stay at home moms is increasing. The desire to be a good mom combined with the financial crisis, making many ladies abandon their career.

The desire for personal fulfillment clashes with every lady’s intrinsic desire to take the best possible care of children. Whether stay at home moms are less healthier than working moms is probably a factor that will have little influence over the decision of ladies. Still, the study provides some useful and intriguing pieces of information.

According to it, a road in the middle of the two traditional opportunities is the best one. A part-time job will contribute to the family budget. At the same time, it will provide a lady with a sufficient amount of time available for taking care of her family.

What do you think about it? How did you choose between spending more time with your child and going back to work? Was it an easy decision to make and are you happy with the results?

One of World’s Smallest Babies Manages to Beat All Odds

January 10th, 2012

Babies born too early are exposed to great danger and many of them fail surviving. Several special stories have been shared to prove the statistics wrong.

Two miraculous cases – of a child and a young lady demonstrate that sometimes a bit more than science is at work. A girl and a lady are in the lead of the world’s smallest babies to be ever born. Both of them are doing fine and experiencing no health problems whatsoever.

One of the prematurely born ladies is called Madeline Mann. She is currently 22 and she was born when her mother was nearly 27 weeks pregnant. Mann, born in 1989, was the world’s smallest baby to survive – her weight was solely 9.9 oz. In 2004, another lady was born with an exceptionally small size. Rumaisa Rahman’s weight was solely 9.2 oz and she was born when her mother was nearly 26 weeks pregnant.

The Journal of Pediatrics examined these miraculous and inspiring cases and the manner in which the two girls developed. Although smaller than their peers, both Madeline and Rumaisa developed normal functions and abilities.

According to the study, the two girls were exceptionally small for the current stage of their mom’s pregnancy, which turns both of the cases into something exceptional. Doctors believe that the two cases are somehow miraculous, since common medicine cannot explain the fact that the two small babies managed to survive and develop in a normal manner.

According to medical studies, most children born this early and this small have difficulties surviving. Even if they do, the children develop health problems and medical conditions that interfere with the quality of their life.

Both Rumaisa and Madeline come to counter such theories. Babies born their size may experience cerebral palsy or asthma connected to the usage of ventilators after the premature birth. The two girls experience no such problems and medics have difficulties understanding why and how this is happening.

Medicine is moving forward and doctors are doing their best to ensure the survival and well-being of prematurely born babies. According to recent studies, mothers that receive some steroids experience faster lung development in the fetus. Thus, even if the baby is born prematurely, it has a higher chance of surviving and being healthy.

The mother in which a mother takes care of the baby after it is born will play a role, as well. Both Rumaisa and Madeline’s moms did an exceptionally good job of making sure their daughters were healthy. Many doctors believe that better instruction can help moms cope with the problems connected to a prematurely born and small child.

These two inspiring stories prove that miracles do happen. It takes a bit of luck, a bit of help from above and good parental care to ensure that a child gets the best. Rumaisa and Madeline are medical miracles and while science is still incapable of explaining these two cases, it is always inspiring to find out that exceptions to the rule exist.

Is Your Doctor Honest Enough about Your Child Being Overweight?

January 5th, 2012

Being delicate or being irresponsible – these are the two possibilities about your doctor providing misleading information. This is the case when it comes to important questions like childhood obesity. A problem that is haunting the country remains tremendously unspoken about, which makes the situation even worse.

According to a very troubling study, less than a quarter of the parents of overweight children have received information about this condition from a family physician. The vast majority of doctors make no mention of excess weight and the dangers connected to it.

Many parents are willing to undertake specific corrective measures, as long as a doctor gives professional advice. Otherwise, the situation is likely to remain unchanged and the condition will probably get worst.

People often lack information about appropriate nutrition, especially when it comes to the dietary needs of children. The fact that many doctors keep silent about it does nothing to increase awareness and knowledge concerning obesity.

Obesity is a serious medical problem rather than an aesthetic one. It is the responsibility of doctors to warn parents about early signs of inappropriate weight accumulation. A healthy diet can change the trend, thus improving the health of a child and minimizing the chance of other medical complications connected to being overweight.

According to analysis of federal government data, only 22 percent of the parents of overweight children received a warning from a doctor. The analysis pool consisted of 5000 instances of overweight children.

Nearly 58 percent of the parents said that a doctor never really told them that the child was obese. The findings of this analytical experiment were published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine journal.

Obesity statistics are exceptionally troublesome in the US and the fact that many doctors keep silent about it adds nothing to improving the situation. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, childhood obesity figures have tripled over the past 30 years.

In the 1980s, seven percent of the children in the US were obese. In 2008, the figure reached nearly 20 percent, a staggering increase. The percentage of teens experiencing obesity problems went up from five to 18 percent.

Medics and school representatives are certainly to blame alongside parents. Many parents have all the great intentions in the world but they lack the knowledge about the symptoms of the problem and the best road to follow.

It is curious to find out why doctors are keeping silent about this problem. One possibility is that they are failing to consider childhood obesity a serious problem. An alternative explanation is that they want to spare the feelings of parents who will feel uneasy about the obesity of a child. Whichever the reason is, it demonstrates lack of responsibility and the desire to inform society about this problem.

Do you receive information from your doctor about the weight of your child and the healthy range for the age? Are you intentionally asking your doctor to provide such information? What could the reason for the silence of a healthcare professional on the topic of obesity be?

How Car Automation is Hurting Teenager’s Basic Driving Skills

January 3rd, 2012

Vehicle automation is a good thing, or so we think. It increases safety and minimizes the chance of a human error jeopardizing the life and well-being of passengers. Unfortunately, the story happens to be far from 100 percent positive.

Automation of basic functions and controls means that drivers grow lazy and excessively reliant on technology. The situation becomes even more troublesome when young drivers come under consideration – the fact that they are used to the new generation of vehicles signifies these people will be lacking some basic driving skills.

Teens who are currently learning how to drive will lack the basic skills to take control in a situation that automatic operations will simply experience failure. We know this can happen but the problem in the case of vehicle automation failure is that it can cost somebody’s life.

Why is Automation Bad?
Technical geniuses have certainly come up with automatic safety features for the benefit of car drivers and passengers. When did the intentions go wrong?

Innovative safety features decrease the alertness level of the driver. This can be potentially dangerous since the person in control will be relying excessively on technology. History, however, has shown that technology tends to be faulty on occasions.

Teenagers are even more susceptible to such innovations. The reason for this is simple – they know of no alternative. Will a teen know how manual shifting works or what needs to be done in the case parktronic fails?

This is why learning the hard, old-fashioned way is always better. Getting acquainted with innovations is always easy. Being familiar with manual control practices that increase safety is always a more challenging task.

Driving Skills that Hi-Tech Functions Jeopardize
According to statistics, fewer than 10 percent of the new car models feature manual shifting and a clutch pedal. Teens are likely to stare in wonder when faced with the task of driving a manual shift vehicle.

Manual transmission is quite easy to use but getting to master it will require some time. The technique itself requires practice. What happens when a teenager lacks it?

The same applies to parallel parking. Honestly, how much time did it take you to master this technique? Some new car models are perfectly capable of parking on their own, requiring only minimal driver involvement. Though parallel parking is far from a life-saving skill, it will certainly minimize discomfort and the chance of having property and infrastructure damaged.

Some technologies have also been developed to help drivers handle dangerous situations that may occur during poor weather – snowfall, ice on the road or sleet. Lacking the knowledge to control a car on an icy road will be life threatening. Traditional driving learning provides minimal focus on such emergency techniques, which is exceptionally troublesome.

Technological advances are certainly positive, there is no doubt that we should move forward in terms of safety. It is just as important, however, to get back to basics when instruction comes under consideration. Teenagers should definitely be given a chance to learn the heart way – it will save them from a lot of trouble and even danger in the future.

Firefighters Stand By and Let House Burn Down Because of Unpaid $75 Fee

December 29th, 2011

Firefighters are those noble professionals responsible for saving your life and property in the case of a fire. Is this really so? A recent story puts the theory under question because of the shocking manner in which firefighters handled a recent crisis.

According to, firefighters simply stood there and observed the manner in which a house burned to the ground. The incident happened in South Fulton area, Tennessee because the owners of the house failed to make a payment for fire service subscription.

What happens to be more troublesome is the fact that firefighter inactivity takes place for the second time during a fire. Firefighters in the same area let the house of Gene Cranick burn down because the annual fee remained unpaid.

According to local arrangements, the residents of South Fulton get fire services but everybody living in the surrounding areas will have to pay 75 dollars to benefit from fire protection. This sum is needed for the maintenance of equipment in good quality and for the overall funding of the fire department in the area.

Many people fail to make the payment… simply because of the belief that their property cannot be endangered by a fire. Bad things usually happen to other people or this is what the majority of individuals believe.

This annual subscription policy has come under harsh criticism. Yet city officials have refused to introduce changes.

As each story, this one involves two sides. On one hand, firefighters have the noble mission to protect people in the case of dangerous situations. Many people will panic, lacking an idea what to do and will thus jeopardize their well-being and the life of their dearest individuals.

Should people be offered on-the-spot payment option, which will give both parties to benefit from the situation. Firefighting services need to be available to everyone, exactly because of their specific nature.

At the same time, firefighting equipment is expensive. Firefighters are risking their life on a daily basis to benefit society. They should be receiving a payment corresponding to the dangerous nature of their job.

Both the city officials and the house owners are to blame. It is a personal responsibility of everyone to ensure that access to firefighting services is guaranteed. At the same time, the policy could have been modified after it received harsh criticism.

Is it ethical for firefighters to simply stand on the side, without getting involved? Their decision is questionable, to put it in mild terms. House owners, however, cannot follow the strategy of believing that bad things happen to others, while expecting to receive immediate assistance in the case of a large-scale tragedy.

What do you believe of the Tennessee situation? Which party involved in the questionable incident appears to be right? Will you ever refrain from making a firefighting service subscription payment, knowing that it is the single thing guaranteeing your security in the case of a disaster?

Best Ways to Make Your Kids Eat Veggies

December 27th, 2011

Veggies and children – the struggle has been going on for ages and it tends to be a fierce one. Though vegetables are exceptionally healthy, the number of children who like and eat those is exceptionally small.

Is your little one frowning at the plate, refusing to put anything colored green in that cute, little mouth? You may have several opportunities to deal with this problem, while having fun with your child.

A recent UK study was performed to discover the answer. Traditionally, parents rely on punishments and rewards to instill healthy practices and to promote good behavior. This pattern can be modified for the veggie issue to get addressed. Awarding your little one for the consumption of vegetables may be a controversial practice.

The study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It directs the attention of parents towards various important issues.

Giving your child a reward each time you are happy with behavior could backfire in the future. It often causes young ones to blackmail their parents. At the same time, it will affect the manner in which children eat veggies. The young ones will expect a reward even for the veggies that are liked and consumed with pleasure.

Researchers found out that verbal stimulation is frequently inefficient. You are probably already wondering about this miraculous way that will help parents across the globe and make children eat more vegetables.

The most important manner to handle the issue is to refrain from awarding children with food. Giving your little one a piece of chocolate in exchange for broccoli garnish is a very wrong practice.

Kids can be stimulated in alternative ways. Stickers and additional fun awards can promote learning and make children eat veggies. According to the study, such rewards were also capable of changing the attitude of children towards vegetable. In the beginning of the experiment, little ones rated vegetables as yucky. Over time, this description changed to ok and yummy.

As they got used to the new system, children became more willing to eat vegetables and to try new types of garnishes that were previously considered unsavory.

To carry out the study, researchers made a group of parents use sticker rewards, a second group focused on verbal rewards. Children from the first test group soon started providing vegetable garnished with positive reviews. In addition, the amount of consumed vegetables increased gradually over the 12-day duration of the experiment.

Small awards proved to provide long-term benefits. Once they became used to the new system, children were willing to continue eating veggies over the long term. The strategy is a win-win method. It stimulates children without backfiring and making parents buy expensive new toys and accessories.

If your little one is frowning at the carrots in the plate, you can try coming up with a very inexpensive and symbolical award. The results will become obvious very quickly. Once you instill this healthy habit, you will be enjoying the benefits of the simple strategy for a long period of time.

5 Things that People Normally Pay For that You Can Get for Free

December 22nd, 2011

What are you willing to pay for? Just think about the products and services that help you get through the day, that make you feel good and that entertain you. How much will you be paying for these products and services?

Would the situation change if you knew that you can get some of these for free? Many people fail understanding the items they are paying for. On occasions, providing a payment for something lacks any logic.

If you are wondering about the things you pay for but can actually get for free, here is a top five list that is certain to make you wonder.

Have you ever thought about the significant amount of money you are spending on software? Such products tend to be quite expensive, especially if you are going for the newest version available on the market.

Many free opportunities are out there for you to benefit from. All it takes is a bit of research and comparison of characteristics. The things that you are paying for can actually be discovered for free.

Open-source programs are available for all of your computing needs – document processing, image editing, spreadsheet and presentation creations. Anti-virus programs are also available for free and can be very useful, especially if your online behavior is far from risky.

Hotel accommodation tends to be quite expensive but it certainly is a necessity when you are traveling to another town or a country. Is paying for accommodations really needed?

CouchSurfing has become quite popular for adventurous travelers from across the globe. The website is designed to give travelers and opportunity to find accommodation anywhere they are going to. The people welcoming travelers in their homes are simply enthusiasts who would like to meet new individuals and who are also looking forward towards CouchSurfing accommodation opportunities.

Television for Free
Television is still far from a product that you can get for free. An alternative, however, does exist and it can be a great way to stay entertained without paying anything.

Online television broadcast and video clip sharing websites are just two opportunities you can utilize to watch your favorite shows and programs for free. Anything that you can come up with can be discovered online.

Audio Books for Free
Audio books are a wonderful opportunity to stay entertained. Free audio books are available through non-profit sites and organizations like allows you to download free audio books, especially classics. The great news is that you can offer support to this wonderful cause by becoming a reader – you will be provided with recording software for the generation of a new audio book.

Free Foods for Your Children
Various restaurants offer child meals for free. All you have to do is go to My Kids Eat Free. This website is designed to provide you with information about such restaurants, regardless of your location.

These are just several opportunities for you to get things and services for free. By being creative you will discover wonderful additional opportunities that will help you save money and still enjoy everything you need and love.

Can We All Unite in the Struggle against Childhood Obesity?

December 20th, 2011

Childhood obesity is a serious problem in the US and everyone is aware of it. Who should be responsible for managing the situation? Are parents the entity to blame? Schools? Lawmakers?

The truth is that everybody should be taking responsibility and some steps have been taken in the right direction. Will a sustainable program be developed and is it going to stay?

Lawmakers are still reluctant, which slows down reform. According to institutions, the introduction of strict nutritional standards will be too expensive. Chicago Tribune published a report in the end of November, according to which national nutritional guidelines for school lunch programs had not seen an update in 15 years.

Although the obesity problem starts at home, it can get aggravated at school if the school lunch programs come with inadequate guidelines or if children are given the freedom to get junk food.

Unfortunately, the changes to the kid lunches at school are still being drafted with lawmakers taking a somehow ambiguous stance. The US Department of Agriculture is the entity responsible for changing the guidelines. Congress is still blocking the introduction of such modifications and some claim that active lobbying is in effect.

If healthier lunches are to be introduced in schools, food companies are going to lose. A lot is at stake and it happens to be even more important than the health of children. The serious lobby of food processing companies can come to counter what is best for little ones. Whether childhood obesity is still here to stay will be discovered in the future.

The National School Lunch Program is a truly beneficial innovation. It has been designed to give financially challenged families a chance to provide little ones with a healthy lunch at a reduced price.

The program started as a wonderful way to give poor kids nutrition. Naturally, this is a noble and positive decision. The bad news is that program execution is taking place half-way. According to some officials, the introduction of healthy food guidelines will make school lunches 15 cents more expensive per serving. And this is used as an argument to counter the introduction of healthier meals.

It is a fact that obesity grows with poverty. Poor families lack the financial resources needed for healthy food to be present at home. The children of poorer parents are also more prone to eating food at the school. This makes the school lunch even more important.

The bad news is that the lobby is somehow successfully affecting decisions connected to the health and well-being of children. Though major corporations have quite often had the final say, it will be inappropriate to allow them affect decisions connected to the future of young people.

Congress should better stop worrying about the interests of corporations and should focus on the needs of US citizens. Otherwise it risks experiencing the harsh criticism and discontent of the masses. Obesity is a problem that happens to be too major to neglect. Parents, schools and lawmakers need to work together for a long-term, effective solution. Unfortunately, lawmakers are still reluctant. The manner in which this problem will be handled is yet to be seen but the situation looks somehow grim right now.