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Baby Sprinkle Party Favors – Favor Ideas for a Sprinkle

June 3rd, 2010

If you, the mom-to-be-again is in charge of handling the baby sprinkle favors, don’t go into debt doing so. Why not rummage through your storage and see if you can’t find some left over baby shower favors from your last baby shower. You may be able to incorporate these into the baby sprinkle favors and if you don’t have enough, then purchase or make some favors to go with them. This will save you some money and hopefully some time as well. Why not call some friends who have recently had a baby shower and ask if they have any left over baby shower or baby sprinkle favors. They may be ready to get rid of them so they can organize or free up some space. It is a great way to recycle and be more green. Green, of course, is IN these days.

You may be hard pressed to find actual baby sprinkle favors in your local retail store; but you may have some luck finding them at a baby specialty store. If you do not have luck in either place, I suggest going online and looking for specific baby sprinkle favors. Outline a budget for the baby sprinkle favors before you start shopping and stick to it. Once you start looking at the baby sprinkle favors you are going to want to go hog-wild and spend-spend-spend! Stick to your budget! If your guests R.S.V.P. their baby sprinkle invitations, you will have a better idea of the amount of favors you will be needing.

You can make your baby shower favors a keepsake for special family members or friends. These favors will just be for certain people. Possible a key chain, an ornament, a special frame that they can put the first baby picture in, etc. This is all simply up to you and the amount of money you can afford to spend on these keepsake baby sprinkle favors. To save money, just give out these special favors to specific people and give the other baby sprinkle favors to the other guests attending.

Keep in mind that it isn’t always necessary to give out baby sprinkle favors. Your guests are certain to know that this is not your first child, children are expensive, and new babies are even more expensive. Your guests are not coming to your sprinkle expecting to walk away with anything other than the fond memories shared at the party. So, if you opt not to give out favors, that is okay. Make the event fun and entertaining. If you do decide to give out favors, just be conscious of the money you are spending. Although the idea of a baby sprinkle is for guests to bring you gifts for the new baby, giving your friends a little gift is a great way to say thank you.

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