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Have a Simba/Nala Time with a Lion King Baby Shower

July 5th, 2010

If the expectant parent don’t want to ruin the surprise by knowing in advance the sex of their forthcoming baby, it is only practical to celebrate it with a unisex themed baby shower. The theme that comes to mind is a Lion King baby shower because of the two main characters: Simba and Nala. What’s best about this theme is that kids can attend as well and be part of the celebration.

Invitations with the Lion King designs are everywhere and can be easily bought. Indicate the reason for the party, baby shower/kids party celebration so that the guests won’t feel harassed if they have to hire a baby sitter for the day. They could bring their kids along with them and enjoy the party without fear. It would also be nice to inform the invited that there would be one or two moderators to watch over the kids so the adults would not feel anxious of leaving the child or children alone while they are having fun.

Colors of the jungle and dessert are great combinations to decorate the room or the garden for this party. Make it simple by simply hanging posters of the movie, placing stuffed character toys around, probably a piñata or two with Simba or Nala designs, bowls of gummy worms, insects, geckos, lizards and others for the kids and adults to dig into, just the food that Simba lived on when he was growing up with Timon and Pumbaa. The music soundtrack can be played in the background and if that is exhausted go download from iTunes original African drum music that will set the rhythm for some possible dancing later on. Hire some plants and animal standees if there is a lack of decorations, but if it out in the garden, then this won’t really be needed.

The tables could be covered with the earth colors and accented with brightly colored over cloths to represent the insect food that Simba relied on. For the kids in us, it would be great to use leopard designed material or even some animal prints that are easily found in a fabric shop. Pillows with the Lion King theme could also be added for those who lack seats or for simply lounging around.

The buffet table can have a centerpiece of ferns, ginger flowers, and some orchids with Simba in the middle, seemingly looking out ready to pounce. If the party is outdoors, place some mosquito plants strategically to repel mosquitoes, or if none there are always citronella candles that can be placed around as well.

For food, finger or picnic foods are best. As there are kids around, it would be nice to serve some hamburgers and pizza, potato salads, African shrimp salad, and rice pilaf. For light snacks, there are animal crackers that can be dipped in guacamole or cucumber in yogurt dressing. Dessert can come in the form of brightly iced chocolate cup cakes decorated with Lion King Toppings which can be ordered online.

The cake should obviously be of the Lion King theme and this can be easily done at home using some pre-made decorations, or order it from a baker way in advance of the party.

For party favors, stick to the jungle theme and send along bandanas with animal hide prints, more of the gummy worms, coconut-scented hand lotion, banana lip balm and a hand sanitizer.

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