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Devotin’ and Floatin’ Little Mermaid Baby Shower

July 5th, 2010

Children like to pretend to be something else all the time, and that includes becoming mermaids and mermen. Who wouldn’t dream of being able to breathe under water? Summer holidays by the beach always produce a great collection of sea shells, sand dollars and smooth sea stones tucked into shirt pockets and pails overflowing.

When Disney first came out with the Little Mermaid, many were scared that the mermaid would not survive the tests as the real legend would tell. Disney changed all the tragedy and turned it into a Jamaican happily ever after that has since become the focus of little girls’ imagination. Use the invitations that are aplenty on shelves wherever stationery is sold. Give in to the temptation of having a fanciful time under the sea theme.

The colors of the sea are jewel like and deep that brings cheerful thoughts to one who can imagine the play of colors on a coral reef. Change the lights of the room into colored ones like blue and red, leave a yellow bulb to mix the colors like that of the deep. Hang drapes of gauzy dark blue, green, purples and red material and set backlights. This will lend the mystery of the deep. For the floor, set some jewel colored floor cushions where guests can lounge. You can choose not to have tables if you just want to lounge on the floor. Suspend from the ceiling decorative fish just like they are swimming through the sea above the mermaid guests. A hidden bubble machine can lend a magical gurgle and bubbles floating through the air.

Table covers can be any sea and coral colored soft cloth. Small fishbowls with white sand in them can be the centerpiece, add some jeweled rocks, sea shells and driftwood to complete the look. Paper plates with Little Mermaid designs which you can buy in bulk will make for easier disposal later. Set different colored paper napkins with the same design theme that Disney made popular.

The buffet table can be set against the wall in front of the drapes with the back light. Set for a centerpiece a fishnet with starfish attached to it, add some shells and driftwood. Ribbons of gilt paper can complete the underwater effect.

Food can be fanciful in their shapes as well. Have some Japanese delights like seaweed rolls, California Maki, even salmon sushi. For the not so adventurous, you could always serve some seafood pasta and salmon canapés. Serve fresh vegetable salad with some vinaigrette dressing. Dessert could be sesame sugar cookies shaped into fish and starfish. Fish crackers and lobster flavored crackers can also be served as appetizers.

There are a lot of desserts that can satisfy the fanciful. Ask a baker to decorate the cake with the Little Mermaid theme, or simply buy some ice cream cakes with the same theme. You can find and order these online and have them delivered earlier.

Party favors can include a small hand towel, hand sanitizer, and glycerin soap shaped like a sea shell. A small bag of gummy fish should complete the set.

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