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Baby Shower Cake Ideas For your Baby Shower

January 15th, 2011

As you will know, baby shower cakes are an integral part of the celebration and you will want as many baby shower cakes ideas as you can get so that you may be able to choose the right kind of cake to serve during the shower. Going beyond the flavor of the cake, it will also be a perfect way to cap off the event. There are an abundance of cake ideas that you can pick from. You will find some that are extremely elaborate while there will be others that follow the traditional cake designs. You will even find baby shower cake ideas that are not cakes at all. At least not cakes that you can eat and not cakes that are square or circle as typical cakes tend to be. You will be amazed at the cakes that you can order for your baby shower so read on to find out more about these great baby shower cake ideas.

A couple of years back, people discovered that by some really skilled pinning, layering, tucking and rolling, they can make diapers, bibs and other baby essentials look like cakes. In fact, at first glance you may think they are real cakes and they may even make your mouth water. You can buy tiny ready-made diaper cake slices or whole diaper cakes. You may contact some people and commission them to make a three-tiered diaper cake if you want to make the cake look really elaborate. They can be as cheap or as expensive as you like. It all depends on the size and the things that you choose to make the diaper cake from. These diaper cakes really are very nice to look at and are packed with all the essentials that parents will need to care of their new baby.

Then there are the real cakes. These things will drive you crazy at the sheer number of ideas that you can choose from. You can get really creative with cakes and they can be as traditional or as outlandish as you want. You can choose a science fiction themed cake or you can order a belly bump cake that resembles a pregnant woman’s torso. After you choose the shape and size, you will have to choose the cake flavor and the icing flavor as well. The icing is even trickier as you will have so many kinds to choose from: plain sugar icing, fondant or butter cream? Good luck choosing.

Next are the cupcake cakes which are also gaining popularity during baby showers since they are very easy to serve and makes for a very cute cake when they are grouped together. These are just some baby shower cake ideas that you may take into consideration.

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